Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall at the Evanston Farmers Market I

YES! The Farmers market is wonderful in the fall. It's the time of the apple, the pumpkin and the squash. This Saturday, I made two discoveries I want to share. This is the first.

My new favorite apple is called the Mutsu. To unseat the HoneyCrisp as my number one is not an easy task. I'm a Minnesotan, and I harbor fierce loyalty for the Honey, and I don't renege on my commitments. But, that said, I'm having an apple affair.

The Mutsu looks like a granny smith, but the skin is not that horrible industrial green, its hue is soft and spring like, like new moss in April. The taste is tart like a Granny, but instead of biting into your tongue, it is smooth and cooling and refreshing. A little lemon, a little chamomile.

The Mutsu hails from Japan, but was renamed Crispin in the 1960, to make it more appealing to Americans. It is also related to the Golden Delicious, but its firm, and super crispy flesh makes it great for cooking, although I think I might eat all the slices!

Stay posted for discovery number two....it might make you a healthier person, no, I'm sure it will.


Bentley Ferraina said...

What is discovery number 2?!

Nicole said...

Oh I love the Mutsu, we discovered them while apple picking this year, they were the size of grape fruits and so juicy! We have had a wonderful apple season in NY this year. By the way, they make an awesome apple crisp with Martha's recipe. I double the topping recipe and freeze half of it for the next trip to the apple orchard. It works beautifully straight out of the freezer and right into the oven. Yummy yummy Mutsu.

Ellie Barczak said...

Oh, excellent! I'm also looking forward to the market again this weekend, I think a pear ginger cake is in my future. I'll check out martha's topping too... oatmeal? my favorite kind

Michael said...

i found those last year when i was in looking for apples to make a dessert with at a restaurant i was pastry chef at, they are amazing apples. Tart yet sweet and crisp and can be used for anything