Friday, October 3, 2008

Sunday Salmon

This maybe the best easy-salmon I've ever made. I'm back at school, so no kitchen of my own per sem but I simply tote my traveling kitchen around and make myself useful. Last weekend, was a collegiate triumph. Its lovely to cook for my friends, they are appreciative and generally easier to please than my picky, over-analyzing self. I'm picky and I always think about what I could have done better.

This salmon though, doesn't need second guessing. A Dijon mustard glaze keeps the fish moist and potato chips get an upgrade from collegiate snack to gourmet ingredient.

But first, a little background on my favorite condiment: Dijon Mustard.

A true Dijon mustard must adhere to very specific qualifications. It's a French national treasure, and this 150 year old recipe is worth guarding. It's a concoction of brown mustard seeds, white wine, salt and some spices to heat things up. And its great for you. Mustard can be used medicinally to stimulate digestion, increase circulation, and clear the sinuses. Also, its a rubefacient, drawing blood to the surface of the sink. Warming, soothing, and muscle relaxing. Think that oatmeal is the only thing you'd every put in a bat tub you cure an ill? Well, try a mustard foot bath....I wish I had a tub in college.

But back to the salmon, here's how it goes.


Salmon fillet
2-3 tablespoons Dijon mustard
2 tablespoons dried dill or 4 tablespoons fresh
1 - 1.5 cups crush potato chips

All the measurements are subject to the size of the salmon. First, place the salmon on a rimmed baking sheet line with foil and season olive oil, salt and pepper (not too much salt, remember the chips!). Pop it under the broiler for about 9-11 minutes depending on the thickness. Meanwhile, mix the crunched potato chips with the dill and set aside. When salmon is almost cooked, take it out of the oven and paint it with the mustard. Then press the chip mixture into the mustard and broil for another minute or two until cooked through. Then, eat and enjoy. Maybe a side of orzo red onions? I think yes!

If you're interested, Malcolm Gladwell, author of The Tipping Point and Blink, wrote an article on the rise of Grey Poupon to dominate the market. Check it out.