Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Costa Rica Part 4: Jugo para su salud!

Sitting on the balcony, wrapped in the warm summer air the jugos tasted great, but little did I know how great they are were for my body. I did a little digging and found some very cool history, great benefits for your tummy and a easy way to stay cool in the heat of the summer.

Historians and linguists have traced the chan plant to pre-Columbian times using just one word--Chianzotzolatole. The terms comes from the Nahuatl culture, a collection of the ancient peoples from Central and South America. I'm no Nahua expert, but the root of the word chia is the chan plant, and as a whole, Chianzotzolatole means Chan Juice! The Nahua used this clear, sweet drink to catch as a sweet respite from the summer sun. Today, the drink is a home remedy for upset tummies, inflammation, and high fever. The seeds themselves can be taken as a dietary supplement for potassium, calcium, vitamin B's, zinc and antioxidants. Both Chan and Linaza provide a easy way to get your daily does of fiber! Additionally, Linaza offers protection to the lining of our intestines! Maybe a little gross to think about, but definately really cool.