Monday, February 11, 2008

Women's Health Part 1

Its a common misconception that heart disease is only a man's problem. It is actually the #1 killer of American women. In honor of Women's Heart Health Month, I'm posting a series about foods that encourage healthy tickers. First up, the protein power house....the Bean!

According to Ken Albala, professor of History at University of the Pacific in CA, and author of the new book, Beans: A History, there are over 18,000 types of beans in the world. Before we dive into legume-brious history, this is why you should eat an extra service of beans with that burrito........

1. Soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance in your body that grabs cholesterol and cleans it out! Researchers have determined that the type of artery cleaning that comes from eating more than the average amount of legumes can lead to an 82% reduction in risk.
2. Fiber also balances your blood sugar giving you long burning energy after you eat.
3. Beans, also called legumes, are high in Iron, helps fiber in providing energy.

Check Back Soon for more info on the bean, its social stigma and maybe a bit about Jack and his cow...