Friday, May 9, 2008

History of the Margarita.....

I received a question about the legitimacy of the Mexican Margarita. Did this cool and refreshing drink really come from Mexico? Well the subject is contentious. The best tale I came across involves a showgirl named Marjorie Rita De La Rosa with an allergic reaction to all hard alcohol, except of course, tequila. The story goes that bartender Carlos "Danny" Herrera started mixing concoctions to please his beautiful patron at his bar, Rancho La Gloria outside Tijuana. His version of the drink involved three parts white tequila, two parts Cointreau and one part fresh lemon juice plus a little shaved ice.

This is but one theory. Others involve Dallas Socialites, wedding presents, or homages to Rita Hayworth.

I intend to venture to the library, for some true scholarly research and revisit this issue soon. There must be an one true answer, or perhaps the summer specialty will be shrouded in mystery forever.