Saturday, June 21, 2008

Mie N Yu Restaurant and Bar: Review

June 17, 2008: Two Friends Visit a Georgetown Hotspot
Opened in February of 2003, the food, drinks and decor at Mie N Yu attracts youthful power brokers in Prada Suits by the dozen even mid week. I felt like I was floating on a gypsy boat when I walked through the door to the restaurant area. There are two entrances, one for the carved wood bar and another for the veiled sit-down tables.

The decor is outstanding, willowy swaths of fabric shroud the lights and make romantic niches to sip wine and nibble edamame. At Mie N Yu, there is a district feeling that the diner is on a journey: a Moroccan bazaar merges with a stunning English style-bar, while carved dragons crawl across the ceiling into the rich Tibetan lounge. Even the bathrooms are unique. I will say that you could easily become over-aesthetic-ized and utterly exhausted before your food arrived in this place. Its definitely trendy, and you have to be ready for that see-and be seen feeling if you dare to enter the bar.

The menu is extensive, though I allowed my wallet to control the order (never wise) and ended up with a PuPu Platter of fried delicacies, not my favorite. The miniature lamb kebabs, however, were succulent and flavorful. The highlight was easily the Tempura Shrimp and Wasabi Bloody Mary: spiked with top shelf vodka and garnished with a pickled vegetable skewer it finished with a kick and left me wanting another bite. Head chef Tim Elliot is undoubtedly creative and talented. If I visit again, I’ll order the Banana Leaf Grilled Rock Fish with Pei Mussels. At $45, it’s under the heading “proteins to share”.

Overall impression of this joint was fun, hip and stylized. On one final note, the award winning wine list truly deserves its accolades. Oh, and PS: Great service- knowledgeable, attentive and upbeat despite crazy crowds!

Mie N Yu Restaurant and Bar
3125 M Street, NW
Washington DC
(202) 333-6122

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