Monday, March 24, 2008

Costa Rica Part 2

Yesterday morning began with surfing....awake at 7:00am for the perfect swells at 8:15. That ocean gets you going, no coffee needed!

Post Cowa-bunga, I had an energizing and heart healthy snack. The Avocado-Banana Spirulina smoothie was an unusual combination, but the taste was amazing. The avocado's earthy richness rounded the flavor of freshly picked banana, its flesh still warm from the tropical sun.

Beneath its beautiful color and unique taste, this drink is dedicated to keeping surfers happy and healthy all over Costa Rica. Avocados have a mono unsaturated fat called Oleic Acid which helps lower cholesterol and protect against breast cancer. Both avocado and bananas have two great surfer nutrients: fiber to keep you slim and trim (prime wave-catching shape) and potassium to stabilize your blood sugar for long lasting energy. The last ingredient, Spirulina, is a ancient algae full of protein (60-77% by weight), iron and vitamin b among many, many other nutrients. Check this out in the supplement section of a grocery or health food store. It is quite the nutritional workhorse.

After another day in the waves, getting beat about by mother nature, I've worked up quite an appetite. I wonder whats for dinner?

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